First 20 years

Free-Lance Illustration

THE FIRST 20 YEARS….As the years have rolled by, there have been a few twists and turns with my art career. After graduating from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1972 I set out on a very undetermined course. I spent a few years at Ad Agencies in DC and LA, but eventually went freelance as an Illustrator and Advertising Designer. 

That encompassed the next 20 years before I decided to move on from the “Big City” high pressure, constant deadline world of the publishing business. Looking back on that time period, now more than 25 years removed, I am amazed at the shear quantity of work I produced. I guess I was just young, fast and, I guess,  pretty darn good. 

My wife Cathie and I moved to Flagstaff Arizona in 1991 and opened a retail business for a while, then I focused on doing some Fine Art, and eventually reinvented a product line we previously had developed. 

I have gathered together some of the samples of the published art from those first 20 years. However, physical sample books aren’t very practical in today’s digital world, so I’m presenting them here as a segment of my Fine Art web site. These are only a random sampling of my art that was published in almost every Automotive, Motorcycle and RV magazine during the 70s and 80s as editorial illustration or Advertising Design/Illustration. Hopefully those who are interested will enjoy a glimpse into the past and the younger me.

This section contains Editorial Illustrations. Please click on the Ad section for Advertising samples.

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California in the late 70s.

California in the late 70s.